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Due to the limit(ation)s of online dictionaries and lack of, by the googling skill, relation indications between words as in which words can be used in a specific spot in a sentence, Language categorizing was created under the idea of putting every word and sentence to categories indicating what kind of part and meaning of word/sentence we're looking at.

The current plans publicly available at

The main knowledge is to be written in English so that everyone can understand it. But because every language differs from other in some way, the article is expanded with knowledge specific to a language or even a different way of speaking. Meaning, say there's an article for the English word 'why', whose standard Finnish translation is 'miksi' and another spelling+pronunciation is 'miks' (but the spellings and pronunciations doesn't stop there), separate articles are created under those names and explanations are there, and so the linking to the 'why' article and how they match and relate to one another.

The background picture of Langcat represents, in a way, the linkage/relation between everything.


There is no such thing as overlinking: if something appears in an article 100 times, the 100 times are made into links.

Latest activityEdit

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