Internet slang abbreviations are abbreviations created to speed up writing. Most usually the abbreviations are used in real life in place of non-abbreviated words.

In small letters In big letters English meaning Notes
btw BTW by the way


IIRC if I recall correctly
ttyl TTYL talk to you later
wtf WTF what the fuck
wth WTH what the hell
wtg WTG way to go
lol LOL lots of laugh Indicates laughing.
ty TY thank you
tyvm TYVM thank you very much
y?|y ? Y?|Y ? why?|why ?
omg OMG oh my God Exclamation.
omfg OMFG oh my fucking God Exclamation.
wb WB welcome back
g2g G2G got to go
gtg GTG got to go
fu FU fuck you
sup SUP what's up
u U you
gl GL good luck
gg GG good game Said after a fun or won game.
gf GF girlfriend Sometimes gf can mean both.
gf GF good fight
bf BF boyfriend
rofl ROFL rolling on the floor laughing The action of.
milf MILF a mother I'd like to fuck / a mom I'd like to fuck
bf BF Best Friend
lmao LMAO Laugh my ass off
lmfao LMFAO Laugh my fucking ass off
yolo YOLO You only live once
yodo YODO You only die once
yolnt YOLNT You only live nine times For Cats :3
otl OTL Out to lunch
stfu STFU Shut the fuck up
gtfo GTFO Get the fuck out
gtfa GTFA Get the fuck away

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